Get involved

Get involved in PHP community and give something back to the community.

How can you help?

Share your knowledge

Helping others and sharing quality PHP content in our Facebook group is respectful and awesome contribution to the PHP community.

Contribute to open source projects

Contributing to open source projects is awesome, altruistic and is changing this world. It can and should be first of all fun but it requires also lots of technical skills, patience, ability to work with others, constant adaptations and many commitments as well.

PHP.earth open source projects are available on GitHub and contributing to them is as simple as possible. Just fork the project and send us pull request or open an issue.


Go to GitHub, fork wanted project and send a pull request.

  • PHP knowledge

    The PHP.earth docs repository contains all the content from the FAQ and the articles.

    You can help us improve the frequently asked questions, articles and best practices if there are missing information that should be pointed out or fix typos. The opened issues contain list of things to fix and improve.

    GitHub provides also built in editor on GitHub so editing content should be quite simple. You will get used to it in no time. Otherwise below is also a more general forking and committing changes procedure with Git and GitHub which gives you more control over your changes.

  • Stats

    The stats application for generating weekly group stats report is written in PHP.

Contributing procedure

Before contributing to any open source project on GitHub get yourself familiar with Git version control system usage and how to use GitHub.

  • Fork wanted project from GitHub

  • Setup your local environment:

    git clone git@github.com:your_username/docs
  • Set up your repository and set a remote branch for future updates:

    git remote add upstream git://github.com/phpearth/docs
    git config branch.master.remote upstream

    That way you can update your repository (when the upstream gets updated) and automatically pull upstream commits:

    git pull
  • Verify that you have all the latest commits available

    git log --oneline -3

    Cross-check the topmost commit log with the one in main repository and make sure everything is in sync.

  • Create a new Git branch for instance patch-1:

    This ensures that your repository will not need rebasing when the upstream gets updated.

    git checkout -b patch-1
  • Commit and push to your GitHub repository

    git add .
    git commit -m "my new changes"
    git push origin
  • Send a pull request

Pinned topics

Every week or two we have special topics in the Facebook group to help people gaining more exposure or more thorough discussions about topics that are either important for the PHP community or the group in general. These topics are pinned on top of the group for few days. You can send your suggestions by getting in touch with us.

Join the core team

Team members are carefully selected by the current staff. Get in touch with us for further discussion. If we decide to recruit more team members we will talk to our nominees, maybe one day to you.


Administrators and moderators moderate the Facebook group.

Core contributors

Core contributor position is given as a recognition for someone’s contributions to open source repositories. Core contributors have push access to predefined GitHub open source repositories and partial access to internal information about the PHP.earth based on the work needed for these repositories.


  • Merging pull requests
  • Contributing patches to open source repositories